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Can you actually create a better life flipping houses?

It seems a little ridiculous to think that its possible to scrounge around between your couch cushions for a few coins in order to build a better life...

But now you can.

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In this world of super-hyped up gurus and "real estate coaching" scams - you probably cringe at the thought of hearing such an outlandish statement from me.

After all, I'm just a guy who was installing floors in my family business just five short years ago - DREAMING of someday investing in real estate full-time.

It seemed like an impossible dream...that is before I took the plunge to create the life I've always dreampt about - not by making millions - but by creating a lifestyle doing something I love to do...

And it just so happens I get paid handsomely to do it....

I just made a DECISION to do it. And I did - learning the hard way - making TONS of mistakes (I still make those by the way all the time) - but learning and growing and ultimately SUCCEEDING along the way.

So why waste all that knowledge just on me?

I always felt that it was selfish of me to keep these secrets to myself. I believe I am truly a TEACHER at heart. I love to teach others how to do something successfully - that is the reason I do paid coaching and  it is why I started this website one year ago.

And since then House Flipping School has touched the lives of THOUSANDS of people who want the same exact things I always wanted, namely:


Doing something you love

Making a lot of money

I want to share it all with you, the HFS reader and give you even more in-depth secrets to help you be as successful (and hopefully even MORE successful) than me flipping houses, real estate wholesaling and investing in real estate.

The NEW House Flipping School...LIVE!

Just yesterday, we flipped the switch (no pun intended) on The NEW House Flipping School (known as "HFS") and I am super stoked because - believe it or not - my goal is to not just to teach you how to make at least $50,000 flipping houses....but to show you how to build a better life for yourself...all for FREE for 7 days.

I don't want anybody to miss out - so we made our new FREE site here super easy to navigate (what do you think of it?) - but even more importantly, we made the paid side of House Flipping School so RIDICULOUSLY affordable that anyone can afford it.

So can you make a better life flipping houses?

You sure can...so let me show you how we are going to help you do it on The NEW House Flipping School.

So here's a breakdown of all the goodies we have SO FAR...which means we'll probably add more based on your feedback.

But for now the NEW HFS is super packed with so much in-depth info, you gotta see it for yourself!

The House Flipping School "Flips In Progress"

Truth be told, we added The Flips in Progress at the last-minute...and I am so glad we did.

In fact, as you'll see from the first video on our new Taunton, Massachusetts flip - I don't even know what to call it yet!

Suffice to say, we are super excited about this series of videos. We will also be doing whiteboard style videos, property walk-throughs, live shots - and updating you on what we are doing on this property in REAL TIME each week!

The House Flips in Progress Videos will give you a running play-by-play analysis of house flips I have going on right now. You'll see my mistakes, my lessons, my analysis all in real-time.

As an HFS member - you get a new Flip in Progress update each week!

And we get right into the hard numbers on each flip we discuss - we hold NOTHING back.

Check it out for yourself:

Right now, I have two deals in Massachusetts that I am working on (with more on the way). I also have dozens of other investment properties for my investors that I’m working on out-of-state. I will be keeping House Flipping School members up to date on our progress as these deals unfold.

In the Flips in Progress, we teach you and take you through the journey right alongside my team and I, giving you a blow-by-blow analysis as these deals take shape. So you’ll see the decisions that I make on a daily basis – the good ones, as well as the bad ones – so you can learn right along with me.

It’s like you'll be looking right over my shoulder in real-time, as we update these flips and buy-and-hold investments as they occur.

It’s like Internet-based reality TV…although this house flip “reality TV” isn't staged by some Hollywood producer! It's all real and nothing is held back.

The House Flipping School "Roundtable Videos"

The HFS Roundtable (the table REALLY IS round by the way) are a bit less formal. In these videos I talk with special guests and go through the good, bad and the ugly of our flips and investments - sharing lessons and stories on how to flip houses, wholesaling real estate, as well as buy and hold.

Here we discuss general strategies and philosophies - as well as some really specific tips on what to avoid, what to do and how to think.

Sometimes, we just talk about our failures (imagine a real estate "guru" talking about how he screwed up!) Although I am far from a "guru" - I know that in this business, things don't always go right - so why hide it?

My hope is if you learn from my mistakes, you'll be in a better position to not do them yourself, right?

We also talk about my disappointments and my successes and what you can learn from them.

As an HFS member - you get 3 brand NEW Roundtable Videos each week!

In this video here - wholesale specialist John Fossetti and I discuss exactly how one of my most recent deals went South for some crazy reasons that make little sense to me. THAT is the business folks...check it out below:

With John, we get into some pretty high-level strategies for the advanced house flipper and real estate investor. I also do a fair amount of these with HFS web designer Ryan - who as a novice real estate investor is perfect for the more newbie type of house flipper.

We discuss the strategies behind all the various ways to make money investing in real estate and give you real world tactics to help you get on your way quickly.

In these roundtable discussions we discuss real estate investing strategies, details on how to flip a house, as well as all aspects of real estate investing; including mindset, team building, finding and funding real estate deals and so many other important aspects of real estate investing – all of which I wish I had when I started flipping houses.

The House Flipping School "Whiteboard Videos"

The whiteboard videos are what you’ve seen so far here at House Flipping School in the "sneak peaks" we released last month...

They may not be super slick – with all kinds of cool special effects and whiz-bang production...but who cares?

They DO give you all the little details you ever wanted to know about various aspects of flipping houses and real estate investing.

Here we break down individual flips I've done in the past, what I paid, how I projected the profits, how I sourced it - plus an insider scoop on specific tactics and strategies used to ensure profit on each flip.

As an HFS member - you get 3 NEW Whiteboard Videos each week!

But we don't just discuss house flips here - we also discuss buying investment properties as well as real estate wholesaling in these short 5 to 10 minute videos in front of my trusty whiteboard.

In this video, I talk about one of my Middleboro deals and how I determined whether I should buy it and why. Then I go into how we structured our offer, and acquired the property. Check it out:

It’s all there - we hold nothing back. All the numbers and “down and dirty” details are revealed in plain sight.

In fact, my two producers, Ralph and Ryan, insisted that I drag out my old files (it took me hours to find some of them way - as a few of them were in permanent storage), so that everything we tell you in these videos is 100% accurate – in most cases, right down to the penny.

I honestly don’t know any other real estate investment program that gets into this kind of detail…

...which is precisely why we did it.

The House Flipping School Forum

 Wouldn't you love to have 24-7 access to guys who are making serious money flipping houses, buying long-term real estate investing properties and wholesaling?

Wouldn't it be SO COOL if you could ask them ANYTHING you wanted about YOUR OWN real estate deals?

Wouldn't it be super cool to have other like-minded real estate investors with your interests to collaborate with?

Now you can.

As an HFS member, you'll get DIRECT access to me and my team 24/7 - every day!

house flipping school forum

This is why we created The House Flipping School Forum.

Ask any question. Pose any argument. Talk about anything related to real estate...

You now have a forum with other like-minded investors like you to get the answers you need to launch and continue to succeed in your real estate investing career.


And perhaps best of all...

The House Flipping School 8 Module Training Course

 Here you'll learn in sequence the 8 exact steps to house flipping success. This step by step system will teach you the entire HFS process in 8 simple modules - in both downloadble audios and downladable PDFs - including:

How to Build Your POWER Team: One of the most important ways to be successful flipping houses is to grow your network and build your house flipping team. You’ll learn how to network and grow your area of influence to build your personal house flipping power team.

How to Get Houses to Flip: You can’t flip houses without a house to flip! I teach you exactly the best ways to locate properties and ways to generate leads for new deals to find in your area. I help you scour through all the potential flips that are out there in your area and teach you how to locate them – way before your competition does.

How to Analyze the Deal: Analyzing which house flips are winners and which ones are losers is one of the keys to making money flipping houses. Oftentimes, the house flips that you don’t buy are the ones that end up making you the most money...you'll learn how to screen these out for you to massively reduce your risk.

How to Get The Money: One of the biggest issues with new house flippers is where to get the money? You'll learn how to flip houses using "OPM" without needing any money of your own. I'll show you the exact same 5 methods I use to get money and give you example of each on recent flips...so you can do the same.

How to Rock The Renovation: If your renovation costs are out of control at this stage, you’re screwed. I teach you exactly how to manage your contractors, keep all your costs in line and how to anticipate (and build into your numbers) any possible cost overruns and teach you exactly what to do if they happen.

How to Sell and Exit Strategy Solutions: Selling is the best part of all! You'll learn a number of different approaches to sell your property and which one is the right way for you to not only lock in maximum profits but sell your house flip quickly and get your money and profit back. You'll also learn my "rock solid" exit strategies in case things for some reason don't go as planned.You'll learn exactly what exit strategies to use and if for some reason, things go wrong, you'll STILL lock in profits!

So What's Holding You Back From Creating a Better Life For Yourself?

All or this...

Thousands of dollars of real estate investing education OTHERS WOULD MAKE YOU PAY THOUSANDS FOR...

And for a limited time, you can get it all FOR FREE for 7 days

 You gotta act fast, because we are not going to offer this for FREE for long. But this low introductory rate (your monthly rate and it will never go up by the way) is not going last long. We simply can't offer it SO cheaply for long.

So, don't wait, sign up as a member to the NEW HFS today for FREE!

What are you waiting for?

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Mike LaCava

I'm a full time real estate investor, proud Dad and husband. My team and I are working to restore communities - one house at a time. House Flipping School is my way of sharing this vision with other investors who want to do good for their community, and make money flipping houses.