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If you reside in the New England area, then be sure to check out our next House Flipping School MeetUp on December 19th. This networking event will be a phenomenal opportunity for realtors, contractors and virtually anyone who is interested in the house flipping business.

As always our goal for this next MeetUp will be to connect you with the right people-perhaps even your future house flip power team members. I can speak from experience that establishing relationships with key people in this business can be difficult when just starting out.

House Flipping School MeetUps are my way of helping you overcome this hurdle.

Yet one thing is for sure. Most folks reading this post right now will not come to the MeetUp, even if it was being held right down the street from their house. The truth is that very few people are able to overcome their fears and actually take action in this industry.

Without a doubt, overcoming fear and taking action is the first and most crucial step to house flipping success.

My True Motivation

Right now my business is going well. I am fortunate to be able to say this and believe me I appreciate it every single day. I credit much of my businesses' success to my skilled power team members. These are the realtors, contractors, investors etc. that I work with each and every day.

But the best part of all (especially during this time of the year) is the feeling I get as I go about my business. Flipping houses is not just about making money for me - it's about improving neighborhoods and giving people a nice play to call home.

It may be hard for people who are not intimately involved in house flipping to believe, but my true intention going into a project is not to make money. Instead it is to do something good for my community.

Money Does Yield Happiness - To A Point

Have you heard about the book David versus Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell? If you have then great...and if not no worries because I'm about to tell you all about it!

There's one chapter in particular where Gladwell states that money does indeed yield happiness. However there's a bit of a twist in the logic.

Gladwell states that money brings happiness, up to around $75,000 per year. After that point the amount of happiness each dollar yields drops off significantly.

So if you buy into this philosophy (which I do) what does it mean for your business?

I believe his research means that as entrepreneurs, we better have a deeper and more intrinsic purpose-instead of just making money.

The True Purpose Of House Flipping

So what could all this theory and happiness talk have to do with house flipping? After all, you are probably reading this post because you want to make a lot of money, become financially independent, achieve wealth etc.

Let me pause for a moment and go back to the reason why we started our House Flipping School MeetUp.

I'll tell you one thing - we certainly did not start this MeetUp for the money! I made it a point to not allow product sales at our MeetUp. I think this really separates our monthly events from other events in the industry.

No, we did not start the MeetUp to make a million dollars. We started the MeetUp to help people-and so far the response has been overwhelming.

During the past two MeetUps I have gotten an almost electric feeling while walking around the room and giving presentations. The energy is like nothing I have every experienced before.

The real icing on the cake happens when I receive a phone call or email the day after a MeetUp. Usually it's someone saying thank you, for helping them get one step closer to meeting that general contractor they so desperately need to run their projects, or for finally finding a reliable investor who is willing to fund their flips.

I think this is what Gladwell and his book are getting at. You need to have a deeper motivation than just making money, or else you will never find happiness flipping houses.

Flipping Houses & Hitting Home Runs

Yet the truth is that I can't do someone's career for them. Sure I can help you, and you can bet your next house flip that I'm going to give you 100%. However you are still the creator of your own destiny.

In other words, I can't hit the home run for you.

Sure I can help you during batting practice. I can pitch you 1,000 curve balls and talk strategy until the cows come home.

But when it's game time, YOU need to step up to the plate and hit it over the fence. I can't hit the home run for you or even swing the bat for that matter.

You could spend the next 5 hours reading blog posts here on House Flipping School. Actually, I hope you do because it will help boost my average site visitor time. But in all honesty, where will that get you?

At the end of those 5 hours you will still be sitting on the couch, or at your desk, or on the bus...

You will have a ton of knowledge crammed into your brain, but until you take action, nothing in your life will change.

Go Ahead And Fail Because It Doesn't Matter

Excuses. Man I have heard them all!

I don't want to hear excuses because they cover up the truth. Under the excuse is fear, and people don't take action because they are afraid. In 99% of the cases people don't make a change because they feel fear just thinking about doing it.

Perhaps you are afraid that things won't work out well. Maybe you think you are better off not even trying. FAILURE is just too dangerous. I mean what would your friends and family think?

If you feel like this then you are in luck because I have a simple solution for you. I'd like to take credit for this next statement but I actually got this from my Dad, who had no formal education but was a darn good businessman.

He told me that the key to success was simple - you just never give up.

That's it. Never giving up is the #1 key to success. It's so simple, so obvious and so easy if you think about it. If you make a commitment to just never giving up, then you can fail as many times as it takes.

Eventually you will make it and you will be successful.

I know this was true for my father because I watched him go through it. I know it is true for me because I routinely fall flat on my face. The only difference between my Dad and I, and people who "fail," is that people who fail don't keep trying after they fail - they simply give up.

I could spend an entire night writing down a list of my "failures."

However I could also spend the entire next morning writing down a list of how I got back on my feet and kept trying.


Have you ever done something that previously you could not do to save your life? It could be approaching an investor, or simply running a mile without stopping to walk. Either way when you finally do isn't that an incredible feeling?

Odds are that when something like this happens you will remember that moment for the rest of your life.

In my experience I have always been so grateful and proud of myself in moments like these. I often look back on these moments (some may have happened decades ago) and give myself a pat on the back for taking action way back when. These are the moments that have profoundly shaped my current life.

Yet none of these moments ever would have happened had I not taken action. None of the best things in my life like my family, career and closest friendships would have manifested had I not just sucked it up and taken action.

I hear a lot of people asking "what do you have to lose?"

The truth is that you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Yet you have EVERYTHING to lose by remaining idle and not even trying.

What do you think? How are you taking action (or not taking action) right now? Let us know by commenting below.

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Mike LaCava

I'm a full time real estate investor, proud Dad and husband. My team and I are working to restore communities - one house at a time. House Flipping School is my way of sharing this vision with other investors who want to do good for their community, and make money flipping houses.