How to Flip Houses Trading “Dimes for Dollars”

There’s no secret that I am launching my first House Flipping School coaching program in just a matter of days.

The truth is that when I started House Flipping School, I didn’t start it to make money.

In fact, I really wasn’t quite sure where it would lead.

I really just wanted to help people get into the house flipping and real estate investing business because I love it so much!

And quite frankly, I really just wanted to see where the whole website thing went.

I've made it no secret that I do one-on-one personalized paid coaching for local real estate investors - so in the back of my mind, I always wondered if there were others out there in the U.S and even internationally who I could help teach how to flip houses as well.

Five short months later and with 17,618 unique visitors (just checked it now  🙂 ), it seems kinda obvious that there are way more people than I ever thought who want to learn how to flip houses.

The Evolution of House Flipping School

If you’ve gotten my house flipping eBook, you know that on the second or third day after they get “How to Flip Houses in 5 Simple Steps”, I email people directly to ask me anything they want to know about house flipping.

I’ve gotten hundreds of emails back asking me questions on their real estate market, their situation, how to get started house flipping, how to get money, how to analyze house flip deals and hundreds of others.

I’ve responded to each and every one of those emails, in many cases getting on the phone with people to help them through their issues and questions. And I have loved every minute of it (so keep the emails coming btw)!

Lastly, people have asked me if I would consider coaching them through their first house flip.

Although I still flip on average one house per month and my schedule is absolutely crazy, I decided I should take this thing whole House Flipping School thing a bit further.

I had to figure out a way to help new house flippers feel the exhilaration and excitement I feel every day flipping houses for profit.

But there was NO WAY I was going to do it like all the other "real estate investing gurus" who charge $40,000.00 per person and do nothing to actually help people start flipping...except drain their bank account.

I knew that if I actually did it...I had to do it differently...

The Biggest Problems When Learning How to Flip Houses

There are lots of obstacles in your way when you first start flipping houses.

I had a pretty idea of some of them, but I didn't want to assume I had all the answers.

So we did a survey of over 7,000 real estate investors and would-be house flippers to make sure I knew exactly what the biggest issues were...and I was a bit surprised at what I found.

Although "flipping houses with no money" was the biggest specific problem people had - what was even more concerning was that although most people REALLY want to learn how to flip houses, most people have not done anything about it.

Some of the biggest reasons for NOT house flipping are:

  • I can’t find house flip deals
  • I don’t have the knowledge of the house flipping process
  • I don’t have the money to fund my house flipping deals
  • Just plain fear of the unknown
  • I work full-time so I can’t do it
  • I have no idea how to find houses to flip
  • Doubt and indecision as to what to do
  • Lack of a good mentor
  • I have bad credit and I have no money
  • I don’t have any investors to give me funding
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the confidence to do my first house flip deal
  • Fear of what happens when the house flip doesn’t sell
  • Don’t know how to analyze a deal to know whether its good or not
  • I have no idea how to estimate renovations
  • I have no clue how to manage a rehab

Although, this is just a condensed list, the list of reasons NOT to get into house flipping went on and on…

 Is this you?

If it is…you’re not alone.

But…let me propose something to you…

What if you could do your first house flip KNOWING that you could not fail?

Would you do it?

The Fear Mindset and House Flipping

If you’re like most people who really want to get into house flipping, but haven’t yet, you really have three choices:

1. Do It All On Your Own

You could do it all on your own without any help, figuring it out by trial and error, probably losing money on your first deal, but as long as you keep going, you’ll eventually succeed

2. Pay For a Set Program

You could do it on your own after buying a step by step paid program that helps you, has a 90 day money back guarantee - but doesn’t guarantee success (I took this path btw 🙂 )

3. Get a Personal Coach

You could find a successful house flipper, hire him or her as a personal mentor/coach who personally maneuvers you through every step of your first house flip

If you had the choice, which would you do?

They all have their merits...but which one would REALLY get you flipping houses the fastest?

Trading Dimes for Dollars Learning How to Flip Houses

For the last few months, I have been trying to change the way you look at house flipping.

I haven’t held anything back – I’ve kept no fact, I've told you more than my house flipping friends thought I should tell!

In fact, if you read all the posts on this blog on how to get started flipping houses, you’ll get a pretty darned good idea as to how to do your very first house flip.

But what I realized from all my conversations and email exchanges with people is that there’s something missing.

And that "something" is your personal situation.

Each house flipper’s local market and personal situation is different, with each deal, each property, each way of financing, each rehab – although there’s tons of great info here to help – its missing personalized guidance.

And personalized guidance is what I wished I had when I started flipping houses…it would have gotten me making money way faster and would have avoided all the bad deals I made mistakes on!

So the question then is: what would you pay for that personalized guidance?

In other words... what is this new House Flipping School program going to cost?

That seems like a fair enough question...


Now I don't want to be too hard on you here – I know that you really want to get started house flipping...but its clear to me that you’re not exactly sure what steps to take to get started.

With the money that’s to be made in the real estate market right now (and you’ve seen the crazy numbers being tossed around) the real question is:

What’s the cost of NOT flipping houses?

Think of it this way... if you could buy a tool for $50,000.00 that generated $500,000.00, would you buy it?

Of course you would!

In fact, you would probably try to find a way to buy ten of them.

It’s like trading dimes for dollars…

Well, the House Flipping School coaching program is not going to cost $50,000.00.

But it will guarantee you to succeed flipping houses like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Then the real question you should be asking is:

"How much money is this program going to make me?"

One Last Thing…

One thing I forgot to mention - if you want to get the real down and dirty on how I did two different house flips - one that made me well into the mid-five figure dollar profit range (REAL net profits minus ALL expenses btw – not fake ones that everyone likes to report) and another that only made me low-five figure profit, keep your calendar open next Tuesday around 8 PM EST for a free webinar I’ll be hosting with a special guest.

Also, from all the emails I’ve gotten recently, I know many of you are anxious to get started with our program.

Well, we are ALMOST ready to release the program - we just have a few final tweaks getting it ready and our House Flipping School support staff up to speed.

I can't commit to an exact release date yet - but make sure you stay on the line for the whole webinar next Tuesday so you don’t miss out :-).

I almost forgot, I’ve been asked about how many of the House Flipping School programs will be available, and whether I'm going to limit the number I'm going to sell.

I promise I’ll be addressing this question soon.

All I can say right now is you want to be among the first three people to grab the program. That means you should act quickly once we launch since there are now thousands of people who read this blog every week and who are on my email list.

So, watch this blog here and your email for more details!

And as always, if you have any questions on anything related to house flipping, you can always email me directly at or leave a comment below and I will get back to you guaranteed!

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Mike LaCava

I'm a full time real estate investor, proud Dad and husband. My team and I are working to restore communities - one house at a time. House Flipping School is my way of sharing this vision with other investors who want to do good for their community, and make money flipping houses.

  • Hi Mike,
    Great emails with lots of good stuff. Will be interested
    In watching the Webinar. Thanks for your help. I’ll & look forward to th School

    See you soon.
    Kevin Parrish

  • Mike,

    What will be the cost of your How to Flip Houses Trading “Dimes for Dollars”?

    I am very cautious because I spent thousands on Fortune Builders Mastery Program and must still spend thousands to setup other features of that program.

    I’ve deleted everyone in my inbox except you and three other people.

    I’m only finding the entire real estate training stuff on the web as just money making products for a lot of people that’s just out to make money.

    With you, I am trusting your honesty that’s presented.

    I want to truly learn how to make money in real estate, but not to go broke trying to get information on strategies and processes.

    You can call me at 310-987-0844, but I prefer emailing me at:



    • mike says:

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your interest. I will be releasing that soon so thanks for your patience.
      Don’t forget to sign up for the webinar Tuesday night.
      I will email you directly as well.

  • Al Amaral says:

    I met Mike LaCava when both of us were on the Board of Directors for a local Habitat for Humanity Chapter in MA about 6 yrs. ago. We have become good friends from that point and have even partnered on a flip together. For those of you uncertain about who your dealing with I can honestly attest that Mike is a straight shooter and fair & honest guy. He’s not looking to get rich while you fumble around trying to make heads or tails of the RE investment market. Jump on board with Mike he won’t steer you wrong.


  • billy p says:

    Hi Mike..looking forward to see how this turns out..cautiously excited

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Billy, we launched the coaching program last week and we are screening the final candidate group Monday. For under $10K, I guarantee your first successful flip in 6 months working with me. If you don’t do it in 6 mos (but you will) I extend it another 6 months. Here’s the link:
      Sounds like you should apply, but no pressure. Mike

  • Bob Davidson says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just discovered your site and blog today (Feb 18, 2013.) Wanted to know if your personalized. paid House Flipping Program is still being offered, and if so when.

    Thanks, Bob

    • Michael says:

      Hi Bob – Yes I have some different options available. Email me directly and leave me your # and I will call you.

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