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Dear Fellow House Flipper,

When I first started flipping houses, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. In fact, on my very first deal, I lost $2,014…

It could’ve been a lot worse, but it could’ve been a lot better too…

I didn’t know how to analyze a deal, had no idea how to find funding, had no clue about how to project rehab costs and had ZERO systems in place to keep me out of trouble should things go south…

But I figured out how to do it…not on my first house flip…but on the dozens of others I’ve done over the past three years – creating a house flipping system that locks in profits and minimizes downside risk.

Back in those early days, I really wished I had a coach who could help me find house flips, know which ones to go after and which ones to “take a pass on”, somebody I could tap into their Rolodex of money lenders, someone who I could lean on to lend expertise and credibility to my new house flipping business – someone who I could talk to coach me through the really tough times… because there were many “tough times”.

I’m not gonna kid you, house flipping is not as easy as the “gurus” would have you think. But with the amazing amount of wealth being created now in house flipping, some have gone overboard preaching to the world how “easy” it is to do.

I’m not going to “sugarcoat” it…if you don’t know what you’re doing when flipping houses, you can lose your shirt very quickly.

After my first “loser house flip”, if I hadn’t had the burning desire to keep going and build a better life for myself, I would have given up. But I pushed on – through many difficult months until I discovered a “house flipping system” that virtually guarantees profit for me on each and every house I flip.

Then, I refined that system into the one I use today to flip (or hold in some cases) a house per month – while living a dream lifestyle doing what I love to do.

But when I was first starting out… how much MORE money could I have made if I had someone to coach me?

I always wished I had a trusted coach and mentor who I could “ride the coattails” of to fast-track my house flipping career and help me build the life that I’ve always dreamed about that much faster.

But now… you can “fast track” your house flipping careerread on to find out more!

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Flipping Houses Is One of the Fastest Ways to Wealth In Real Estate Investing

Have you ever thought about flipping houses?

You probably have, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now....

Flipping houses is the process of finding, buying, fixing up and selling a house for profit.

House flipping can be incredibly lucrative... but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose money faster than you can say “Flip This House”.

Chances are pretty good that you seen those late-night television commercials promising to teach you how to buy real estate with “no money down”? Or maybe you’ve seen the reality television shows where they make it look all so easy raking in thousands of dollars on each and every flip?

Maybe you’ve even gone to one of those “free seminars” that so many of the big real estate investing gurus put on where you thought you would walk away with a ton of quality content, only to find out that to get the real quality stuff you had to buy their real estate investing product..and it still didn’t help you get started flipping houses?

I’ve done all that…

I’ve bought all the CDs, I’ve bought all the books, I’ve been to the “free seminars”, I’ve paid for real estate investing advice from someone other than the guru himself – and although I learned a lot of potentially valuable info on flipping houses and investing in real estate, but always came away feeling like I wanted more help…

So I took all that I’d learned, spending nearly $20,000.00 in “my education” and realized that if I was really gonna be successful flipping houses, I was going to have to figure it out on my own

And I did

Am I the biggest and most successful real estate investor out there?


Am I the most famous and flashiest real estate investor out there?


And I don’t want to be either…

If that kind of real estate investing education has worked for you in the past to get you started, then be my guest and click the back button right now...

No harm, no foul, it’d be better for the both of us to part ways.

Because if you’re looking for that kind of “Hollywood sizzle” in your house flipping’re not going to get it here.

Because there’s no “sizzle” here… that’s just not how I operate.


If you ARE the kind of person that no matter how hard you’ve tried, no matter how many seminars and CDs you’ve bought, you just can’t seem to put it all together flipping houses; whether it’s finding the deals, knowing which deals to go forward with and which to pass on, how to analyze a house flip deal, how to flip houses with no money of your own using other people’s money or just of the burning desire to do your first house flip deal… but just need a little help…

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I Want to Teach You Not Only Do Your FIRST Flip…But Do It Over and Over and Over Again

Yes it’s true, I have been very fortunate to have made a ton of money flipping houses... hundreds of thousands of dollars and I feel very fortunate.

I do on average a house flip/hold a month and I do it full-time… living a great life.

But my goal is so much more...

The most satisfaction I’ve ever gotten as a real estate investor is not just when I succeed, but when I help others TO succeed. And as an active real estate investing coach, it’s been tremendously satisfying seeing my students succeed and on a path to success.

Knowing that I played a small role in their happiness and success…

There’s nothing better.

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Why This Program Is Different

First, I teach my students MYSELF… it’s not someone on my House Flipping School team… like some of those other “gurus” do.

I may do that someday… and as we continue to grow, it may get to that point…but not now.

But that’s only the half of it…

I guide my students through every single solitary step of the whole entire house flipping process… looking over their shoulder on every single move they make; coaching, guiding, teaching, pushing, cajoling, motivating, helping…

…until they succeed


Although the other real estate investing “gurus” have good programs (I personally learned a lot from them, btw) – even as I was doing it, I knew there HAD to be a better way to get people flipping houses quickly and successfully – while not over-promising the sun, the moon and the stars and all the expectations of “quick profits” that some of the other late-night real estate investing programs are claiming…

I knew that for my program, I had to guarantee success in house flipping.

That way ALL the risk is on me… not the student.

And I like it that way…because when I first started flipping, I would have wanted it that way!

Which is why if you are REALLY serious about getting into real estate investing and house flipping, then my House Flipping School One-on-One Coaching program is just the right thing for you.get started now

Why The House Flipping School One-On-One Coaching Program Is for You

How safe would you feel to be personally taught and then guided through every step of the house flipping process knowing you couldn’t fail?

I’d be willing to bet you’d feel pretty safe… and far less nervous.

What if you could learn virtually everything there is to know about flipping houses – from getting the right mindset for success overcoming your own fears all the way to getting a five-figure checkselling your first flip?

It would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it?

What if I told you that you could:

  • Have someone double-check everything you do, so you would not make a mistake – looking over your shoulder every step of the way – from helping you find your very first house flip deal to the successful sale with a 5 figure check in your hand at closing?
  • Get financing for your first deal using a seasoned house flipping expert’s contacts and financing people to fund and finance your first house flip?
  • Acquire trustworthy, reliable real estate investing partners?
  • Know exactly how to determine the amount of money needed for renovations for your house flip… right down to the penny?
  • Have the ability to analyze dozens of different house flip deals and instantly know which ones suck, which ones are winners and which ones are knock-it-out-of-the-park home runs?
  • Have someone push you every single week to get you going, push you to take action and motivate you to take the first steps towards financial freedom?
  • Transform your fears into strengths and eliminate doubt and indecisiveness to start flipping houses?
  • Find the really good contractors… while knowing you’re not being “taken to the cleaners” by them?
  • Learn every step of how to flip a house while still working full-time and having plenty of time left over for your family or free time for yourself?
  • Follow a step-by-step, logical house flipping system to find, fund and build your house flipping business?
  • Learn how to do your first flip... then do it over and over and over again using the same repeatable system?

And perhaps best of all…

  • Be guaranteed to be in your first successful house flip deal in your first six months?

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Enter the House Flipping School One-On-One Coaching Program

Every week for 12 weeks, you will be personally coached on each and every aspect of how to flip houses or invest in real estate on a live webinar with ME and YOU… and nobody else.

You will have work to do each week to learn the business… assignments that need to be completed to move to the next step…don’t worry, I’ll make sure you complete them.

Let’s get this straight…. the House Flipping School One-on-One Coaching Program is not just some course, CD, DVD,teleconference, webinar or lecture...

Not even close

It’s an intensive 12 week training program where I take you through each and every step of my proven system of how to flip houses in a repeatable, logical sequence that will get you to take action and start house flipping NOW.

We’re not talking about some “free seminar” where you just get a little taste of the good stuff, then you have to pay EVEN MORE to get the real goods.

No way

This is the real deal where you get your own coach (ME) to tell you EXACTLY what to do, what to avoid and when to do it on your first house flip… and launch your house flipping career.

I’ll also teach you how to get your funding for your flip and we’ll share our “private money guys” with you… and YOU keep all the profits, not me.

Or if you prefer… I can come in as your house flipping partner… further minimizing your downside risk.

So what’s the House Flipping School Coaching Program all about?

The 12 Week House Flipping School One-on-One Coaching Program Includes:

Week 1 ... The Real Estate Mind Set

How do you need to THINK to be successful flipping houses? I teach you the mindset of the successful real estate investor while getting you to overcome your fears and conquer your indecision. If you’re afraid of taking the leap, you’ll be over it by the end of week one and ready to take action.

Week 2 ... Marketing/Networking

One of the most important ways to be successful flipping houses is to grow your network and build your house flipping team. You’ll learn how to network and grow your area of influence and some secret spots WHERE to network, all while keeping an eye towards building your house flipping team.

Week 3 ... Team Building

House flipping is not a “one man” business. Every real estate investor needs a local team to help them find their deals and make their deals happen… and you do that with the help of other people. I give you specific steps to follow to build your team, as well as let you “borrow” some of my team members for your own use – from my real estate agents to my bankers to my money guys to my contractors.

Week 4 ... How to Locate Property

You can’t flip houses without a house to flip! I teach you exactly the best ways to locate properties and ways to generate leads for new deals to find in your area. I help you scour through all the potential flips that are out there in your area and teach you how to locate them – way before your competition does.

Week 5 ... How to Analyze the Deal

Here we go through the deals that you found, and examine them in every detail down to the penny using my time-tested house flipping formulas and spreadsheets. Together, we analyze which house flips are winners you should make offers on and which ones are losers to run away from it as fast as you can. Oftentimes, if the house flips that you don’t buy are the ones that end up making you the most money... and I not only screen these out for you but also teach you exactly how to do this on your own.

Week 6 ... How to Make Offers

In this week, we refer back to week one and overcome your fear of pulling the trigger on your very first house flip. I walk you through the entire process and push you to make the right decision based upon my years of experience analyzing, buying, rehabbing and then selling houses. In many cases, this is the most exciting and nerve-wracking week because this is the week you go fromwanting to be a real estate investor to actually being a real estate investor. And I teach you in great detail exactly how to do it – revealing some secret strategies only taught to my personal coaching students – taking you by the hand and teaching you exactly how to do it.

Week 7 ... How to Get Funding

This is one of the biggest sticking points most new house flippers have when trying to become a real estate investor. I show you exactly how to get money from private money lenders on your own... but also open up my “personal Rolodex of money guys” who have funded my flips in the past and continue to do so today. And I’ll make sure they’ll give you as good a deal as possible to make sure you are fully profitable!

Week 8 ... Closing the Deal

At this point, you’ve built your house flipping team, you’ve located properties, you’ve analyzed deals, you’ve figured out how to fund your deals... now it’s time to close the deal. Your funding will be all set up at this point, so you just need to know how to close the deal and thwart off any other house flipping competition... and will teach to you exactly how to do it.

Week 9 ...Managing the Rehab process

Controlling your rehab expenses and managing your contractors or subcontractors is where most new real estate investors and house flippers mess up big time. If your costs are out of control at this stage, you’re screwed. I teach you exactly how to manage your contractors, keep all your costs in line and how to anticipate (and build into your numbers) any possible cost overruns and teach you exactly what to do if they happen.

Week 10 ... Selling the Property

This is may be the best part of flipping houses, it’s where you sell and reap the rewards of all your hard work. I teach you a number of different approaches to sell your property and which one is the right way for you to not only lock in maximum profits but sell your house flip quickly and get your money and profit back. I’ll reanalyze all your comps and tell you exactly how to recruit real estate agents and teach you multiple other ways of selling – so you sell the house fast and make a healthy profit.

Week 11 ... Exit Strategies

Sometimes, house flips don’t sell as quickly as you’d like. Sometimes, there are cost overruns and unanticipated events that only a seasoned real estate investor would be able to spot early on in the process. I tell you exactly what to do and when to do it in the first 10 weeks, but in case things change, I teach you other exit strategies that other real estate investment coaches won’t teach you. If things change for whatever reason, you’ll still lock in your profits and come away with your first successful real estate deal under your belt… brimming with real estate investing confidence.

Week 12 ... Momentum

In the last week I teach you how to continue to use this repeatable, logical sequence of steps so that you can do it over and over again. You can use my help for up to 6 months by e-mailing me or calling me at any time… and you need it, extending it up for up to 12 months. Truth be told, I still talk to many of my former coaching students I’ve become close friends with and talk to them weekly. Whether its helping you analyze your next house flip deal or the one after that. Now that you know the process, you can do it all on your own... or you can call me or e-mail me any time and I can help you through whatever issue or situation you’re facing. My goal is that you really don’t need me anymore and you know all you need to know, but you’ll have me as a resource in case you’re at a crossroads. Having a repeatable process that works in any market so you keep flipping and keep the momentum going!

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“But, Mike, I’m Brand New to House Flipping and Real Estate Investing...Can the House Flipping School One-On-One Coaching Really Work for Me?“

Yes, it can.

But, here’s just a few things you don’t need with the House Flipping School One-on-One Coaching:

  • Any real estate expertise or knowledge... I teach you all of that. If you’ve done any real estate investing in the past, that’s certainly a bonus but it’s not required. You don’t need to have any real estate expertise or even know how to operate a power drill!
  • Any significant savings or money of your own to fund your own deals... Sure, it’s helpful to have your own money to help fund your deals, but you don’t need it. I teach you how to get it. And if you can’t get it through your own means, I’ll help get it for you.
  • Huge amounts of time... If you call spending a few hours per week to make potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in your real estate investing career, then I’d say that’s not much time at all... but the more time you have, the quicker you’ll get up to speed. And you can do it while working a full-time job… just like all my other house flipping school coaching students have.

So what are you waiting for?

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What People Are Saying about the House Flipping School One-On-One Coaching Program

Jerry McCarty, real estate investor

Bill Roberts, wholesaler and real estate investor
Mark Oliveira, real estate investor
Jeff Derouen, first time homeowner through lease option

Kevin Landry, real estate investor

Frequently Asked Questions


How much time per week will I need?

When you enroll, you’ll need one hour per week for the call with Mike and then another hour for homework on average. Depending on your availability, I will customize your program per your schedule. The more hours you have, the faster you can get up to speed.

Some weeks, you’ll have “outside of the classroom homework” which could amount to more than an hour or more depending on how well you do it or how often. As you progress further into the course, the more time you put in, the more you’ll get out of it


Can I enroll if I have a day job?

I show you how to start flipping houses part-time or full-time… it doesn’t matter.

If you have a day job, then your weekly calls I can schedule our time together based upon your normal work schedule. I’m totally flexible with the time I’ll spend with you because I run my own business!


What if I start and I can’t find any houses to flip, then what?

This is one of the biggest things that stops house flippers and real estate investors from getting going: finding the deals.

I’ll teach you how to find good deals and if you’re having issues finding them (you won’t if you use my system), then we will work together twice as hard to get them. Simple as that.


You say I don...t have to have any money of my own to get started flipping houses, then how will I get it?

I’ll show you how to do it on your own through a number of techniques using other peoples money to finance your deals. Provided it’s a good deal (which we’ll analyze together), you’ll get funding for your house flip deals. I’ll give you access to my team of money guys and lenders, but more importantly, I’ll teach you exactly how to do it on your own so you can use the same system over and over again to fund not just your FIRST deal, but many house flips after that.


Does your system work even with real estate markets that are higher priced or are still recovering from the recession?

Yes. I show you how to make money in any kind of real state market regardless of the prices and economic conditions. In fact, in higher priced markets, the profits are oftentimes larger but how you figure out your projections is very different from lower priced markets.

In real estate markets still recovering from the recession however, this is oftentimes where you can find the best house flips.

My system works because it’s not the market that makes you money flipping houses… it’s the system.

NOW is the perfect time to use my system because of the current conditions. Home prices are at an all-time low… and you may not see another opportunity like this in a very LONG time. That means there’s no better opportunity for you than NOW to get into the house flipping and real estate investing business… and it doesn’t matter where you live.


How much money can I make and how quickly?

That depends on your local real estate market. For example, I just did a house flip that made me over $56,000 NET profit on a $231,500 sale. That was a “home run” in my market, but may not be a “home run” in your market.

However, if you follow the steps in my system, you will make money house flipping – but the amount of profit you’ll make – will largely depends on how hard you work, if you apply all the steps in my system and your local real estate market.

What Are You Waiting For?

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