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Working With Wholesalers Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Most real estate investors know that working with wholesalers can be a great source of potential deals. Wholesalers have been known to be a great source of very lucrative deals.

working with wholesalersUnfortunately, working with wholesales is not a walk in the park. You have to work it if you want to find killer deals. As you work with wholesalers, you will soon realize that how you deal with one wholesaler isn’t necessarily the way you deal with another.

Types Of Wholesalers

  1. Career Wholesales

These are seasoned real estate wholesalers who have been wholesaling for a long time and are seasoned real estate investors. Their primary business is wholesaling real estate and sometimes they dabble in other deals.

It’s important that you build a solid relationship with career wholesalers because they could be an excellent source of deals for you. These types of wholesalers are well financed and usually take the best deals for themselves. The bad news is that these types of wholesales are a little challenging to work with.

  1. Ladder Climber Wholesalers

This type of wholesales are either looking to get their Continue reading

To Work Or Not To Work With Wholesalers In House Flips

Many people have had terrible experiences with wholesalers in house flips but are they all the same?

I have to confess that in the many years I have been flipping houses, I have purchased properties from wholesalers. Some of my best deals were sourced from wholesalers. Up to date I still use wholesalers.

When I first started out, I had a hard time differentiating between the good wholesalers and the bad ones. I made my fair share of mistakes and I believed that a majority of the wholesalers were honest people. I wasn’t naïve; I just gave people the benefit of the doubt.

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How to Wholesale Real Estate In 12 Simple Steps

Ever wanted to know how to wholesale real estate? We give you 12 steps to real estate wholesaling success here.

How to Wholesale Real EstateFor many people who want to get started flipping houses, real estate wholesaling is a great first step to get started - especially if money is tight.

Although there are many ways to flip real estate with no money of your own, there's lots of people who want to get started investing in real estate quickly, without having to raise an capital on their own.

This is where real estate wholesaling may be a really good fit for many people interested in getting into real estate investing.

The definition of real estate wholesaling is simply "the entering of a contractual agreement with another party for the purpose of purchasing property, and then assigning your interest in that contract to another investor for compensation".

Sounds simple? There's a few things you'll need to know about before you get into it. But first let's talk about why real estate wholesaling may be right for you. Continue reading

How To Wholesale Like A Pro | 5 Pointers To Help Step Up Your Game

How To Wholesale 5 Pieces Of Advice To Help Step Up Your Game

If you want to know How To Wholesale, make sure you learn these clever tips.

When people think of real estate investing, they usually imagine something along the lines of house flipping or long term buying and holding. However, a crucial part of the real estate world that is often overlooked is wholesaling.

As you might know, wholesaling is the act of finding a property and then, instead of buying it, putting it under contract and finding a buyer to close in your place.

Wholesaling bares much less risk than standard house flipping and can be appealing to people that have not yet built up a sum of expendable income.

Below are a few critical ways to improve your mindset and execution when wholesaling.

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Real Estate Wholesaling Mistakes | 9 Blunders You Need To Avoid

If you are interested in Real Estate Wholesaling, you should learn the most common mistakes in the business, so that you can steer clear!

Real Estate Wholesaling Mistakes 9 Blunders You Need To AvoidProperty investing is an incredibly popular field with immense opportunity for profit. Many people believe that real estate wholesaling is the best way to get your career kick-started before entering the flip and fix game, or before becoming a landlord.

While this is true, it doesn’t mean you should go in blind hoping to figure out everything along the way. If you learn the mistakes that others have made, you can take the correct action to avoid them.

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Reverse Wholesaling | An Unorthodox Take On A Popular Field

Reverse Wholesaling is an innovative way to approach the wholesaling business.

Reverse Wholesaling An Unorthodox Take On A Popular FieldAs you may already know, a great way to get your house flipping career kick-started is by wholesaling properties. Wholesaling is great because you often do not have to spend any of your own money.

Essentially, the process entails you, as a wholesaler, finding a property and putting it under contract. Then, you will find a buyer and sell the contract to him or her. The buyer closes in your place and you do not have to spend a dime. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the rehab and all of the costs and troubles that are included with it. Instead, it is the investor who you sell to that will usually do the rehab. You are given a sort of finder’s fee for locating a good property for the buyer to invest in.

As long as you can find a buyer, you should be in good shape.

But what if I can’t find a buyer?

Finding an investor to buy your property is often the trickiest part of the process. Each buyer has his own needs and demands. Some buyers don’t have a lot of money so they’ll only want to work with smaller properties. Other buyers want a property that is in their own town so they can stay close to their other obligations in life.

If you are not able to find a buyer in time, you will have to close and buy the property yourself. That means, if you don’t have enough money to buy it, you could run into trouble.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid this problem. The process is called “reverse wholesaling”, and it’s a fairly simple idea.

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Wholesaling Properties | How To Buy And Sell In 5 Steps

Wholesaling PropertiesIf done with the proper guidance, Wholesaling Properties can be an incredibly lucrative venture.

For beginners hoping to join the already thriving world of house flipping, the logical first step is to start by Wholesaling Properties. To wholesale a property is to by buy a property at a cheap price, and then sell the contract to a real estate investor before you have to pay for it. At this point, the investor will close the deal in your place.

Wholesaling is great if you’re an up-and-comer because you don’t directly have to deal with any of the repairs and renovations. Also, you don’t have to pay for the property yourself as long as you sell the contract on time.

If you know the right steps, you can profit considerably from Wholesaling Properties, and thus climb the ladder in the real estate world.

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Wholesale Real Estate | 2 Key Facts To Consider Before Buying

Buying Wholesale Real Estate is a great way to earn money and to get immersed in the real estate community.

Wholesale Real Estate 2 factsBecoming involved in real estate can an expensive venture, and many people often do not have enough expendable income to invest in properties. Luckily, there is a way to make money, without having to spend money, by buying wholesale real estate.

The negotiating of wholesale real estate, or “wholesaling” is the process in which you buy a property and receive a contract of ownership. What’s great about this is that you do not have to pay for the house up front.

The person who ends up paying for the property is the investor, who will close the house in your place. As the wholesaler, you will sell the contract to the investor at a higher price.

However, before starting a wholesaling project, there are a few aspects of the business you must learn about. These key points are essential to follow so that you can see a profit, instead of literally paying for your mistakes. Continue reading

[SNEAK PEEK VIDEO] How to Buy Investment Properties Through Wholesalers

When you're buying investment properties, can you use real estate wholesalers?

Real estate wholesaling is a great way to get house flip deals...

But how about when you’re buying investment properties...should you use a wholesaler, then too?

We've talked about wholesaling so many times here as one of the best ways to find houses to flip.

At House Flipping School, we actually took on a full time wholesaler (as well as a property acquisition manager who does wholesaling) as a way to continue our deal flow for our house flips.

THAT is how important wholesaling is to our house flipping business.

But what about when you’re buying investment properties? Do you still use wholesalers the same way you would if you were doing house flips? Continue reading

How to Get into Real Estate Investing with Wholesaling

So many people ask us how to get into real estate investing - for many of them the answer is real estate wholesaling

how to get into real estate investing wholesalingAs we stated here many times before, if you’re interested in how to get into real estate investing and have very little money and a very little experience, real estate wholesaling is a great way to get started.

Real estate wholesaling is a lot like flipping houses, but it differs in the fact that instead of flipping houses, you are flipping contracts instead.

Although my preferred way of investing in real estate is through house flipping – the buy, fix and flip kind, I do have a fairly high tolerance for risk. But if I was just starting out, or maybe even a lot younger than when I first started out, I would’ve probably started investing in real estate through wholesaling.

So when people ask me the best way how to get into real estate investing, I first ask them Continue reading