3 Weeks into the Rehab of the Wareham Wood Planks House

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Progress on the Wareham, MA Wood Plank House Flip

Before I start getting all sentimental lets talk a little bit about a property in Wareham, Massachusetts that is currently three weeks into the renovation process.  So far work on this house flip has been going extraordinarily well.  I'm very happy with the progress the guys have made so far on this property - nice work fellas!

Since purchasing the property we have completely stripped down a couple layers of old shingles off the roof.  Whenever I have doubt with a roof, I simply choose to not mess around with it one bit, and instead replace the roof to be on the safe side.

We have a new roof on this house flip property which is not only safe, but also looks very nice.

house flip

If you remember in the first post about this house flip (which you can view by clicking here) the previous owner had a "not so attractive" bench protruding from the front of the home.  Well we went ahead and removed the bench last week, which will help improve the curb appeal of this property.

One aspect of the front of the house that we are not going to remove are the old cedar shingles.  Of course we could replace the shingles with vinyl siding, but instead we are going to clean them up nicely by power washing them.

Not only will power washing the shingles save us some money, but it will also give this home a nice "Cape Cod look" and feel.  You can capitalize on this same strategy in your area by matching your house flipping renovation ideas and concepts with the culture and unique aspects of the area your house flip is located in.

In addition to power washing the front of the home we will be re-wrapping and installing new aluminum trim.  We'll be installing socket boards and putting a fresh coat of paint on the lower half of the front of the house.  We are basically giving the entire house a new and improved look.

We did completely strip the side of the house which is pretty evident in the below picture and video.  The sides of the house and the back of the house were in really poor condition, so there was really no way around stripping.

house flip

New vinyl siding is a must for the sides of the home and the back of the home.

The exterior of every house flip is different.  One house flipping component that really helps me in this business is reaming creative in my thinking, and not investing extra money where it is not needed.

With this home the plan is to rejuvenate the original look, instead of investing a bunch of money up front to renovate the entire exterior.

Cleaning up the shingles and installing some new vinyl siding will go a long way with this property.

Stay tuned for more updates on the interior of this house, coming later this week on the House Flipping School blog.

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