Wood Planks Galore! | Wareham Property #2

Flipping Properties in Wareham, Massachusetts | Property #2

I recently purchased this property and I hope to have the rehab process complete in 30-35 days. Needless to say I am pretty excited about this house's potential!

I am not expecting this property's renovations to be too intense. However at first glance this house looks pretty ugly for lack of a better term.

The roof is going to have to be replaced. As I have mentioned before we don't cut corners, especially when it comes to a roof. If the roof is more than 15 years old we are going to replace it no questions asked. While we are it we will also switch out the old gutters with brand new ones.

The landscaping should not be too overwhelming either which is great news when flipping properties. Adding in a few mulch beds and sprucing up the walk way will have a big impact on the overall visual appeal of the yard.

A quick power wash job to the house's exterior will clean up the cedar shingles and get the the shingles looking almost like new. In addition we are going to put in vinyl siding. I am not sure of the color yet but I am leaning towards going with a "Cape Cod grey." I think the vinyl siding will look very nice coupled with blue or black shutters.

There are two unique aspects to this property's back yard. There is a sun room and a concrete patio that both need some TLC. Instead of tearing down the sun room and ripping up the concrete patio (which would be expensive!) I am going to leave both in place and opt for a good solid clean job.

I think the future owner of this home will really enjoy the patio and the sun room. Sometimes it helps to put yourself in the shoes of the potential home buyer.

In addition we will be putting in some fencing around the back yard and also put in some mulch beds. All in all the exterior of this home, as well as the landscaping are not too bad - they both just need a little rehab attention.

 Flipping Properties with Unusual Interior Design Elements

As soon as I opened the door to this home I realized that the previous home owner really loved wood planks! Much of the interior of this house is wood.

I think we would be limiting ourselves if we left the wood planks as is. The good news is that the original ceiling underneath the wood planks is in good condition. My plan is to strip the wood planks and clean up the original ceiling. We'll do the same for the walls and repaint where necessary.

The ultimate goal for the living room is to give the space a more modern look. That will require us to remove more wooden planks, rip up the floor and install brand new flooring.

If you are thinking about flipping properties, then it is important to remember that the kitchen is always one of the most important aspects of a house. We are not going to mess around with this kitchen one bit. The entire kitchen will be gutted. I expect this kitchen to be gorgeous when all is said and done.

Flipping Houses | Bathrooms and Bedrooms

This bathroom was very atypical than what I normally encounter in most house flipping projects. Even though the bathroom is in OK shape, I have decided to not mess around with it and move forward with a complete gut job. We'll put in a brand new vanity, toilet, mirror, light and tub.

This house has 3 bedrooms and all of them need some serious attention. The master bedroom actually has cedar shingles on the interior. I have never seen anything like this before in my house flipping career - very unique to say the least!

We will go ahead and strip down all the shingles and ultimately give the master bedroom a fresh and modern look.

The other two bedrooms need some rehabbing as well. The walls are covered in old, run down wall paper, so we'll remove that and repaint. I'm not sure yet on a color. In addition we will also be removing the cork wall and book shelf. To top it off we will install brand new laminate flooring.

I expect this house to present my team and I with a few challenges. However unexpected challenges are always an integral component of flipping properties. There is nothing we cannot handle!

Take care and see you at the top,



Mike LaCava

I'm a full time real estate investor, proud Dad and husband. My team and I are working to restore communities - one house at a time. House Flipping School is my way of sharing this vision with other investors who want to do good for their community, and make money flipping houses.