How To Purchase Real Estate | Making The Right Offer

How To Purchase Real Estate Making The Right Offer

Knowing the steps to making the right offer with help teach you How To Purchase Real Estate.

Imagine for a second that you are looking to purchase a house to invest in. You search through listings on MLS, in the newspaper, on Craigslist and even drive around town looking for “for sale” signs.

Finally you find it: the perfect house for your flip. The asking price is even below 70% of the ARV. Everything is working out great…

Except that you aren’t the only one looking at this house. There are more than a few other investors taking the same bait as you, and you are on the brink of a bidding war.

When you are the only one making an offer on the house, you can influence the seller to meet your needs. However, if there are multiple bidders, you don’t have time to play hard to get.

Do You Want To Know How To Purchase Real Estate? Make The Right Offer.

If you're wondering how to purchase real estate effectively, you might think about retuning your buying strategy to beat the competition. Below are a few great tips to steal the spotlight from other investors and seal the deal with your offer.

Cash, Cash, Cash

As you’ve probably heard before, when you are selling a property after the rehab is complete, a cash offer is often more appealing than a finance offer. Cash offers are quicker, simpler, and you won’t have to worry about the buyer failing to get the approval from the lender like you would with finance. Sometimes, it’s even wise to accept a lower offer if it is cash to avoid all of this hassle.

The same goes for when you are buying. The seller wants to an offer that is fast and isn’t going to fall through. He or she doesn’t want to have to put the house back on the market because the finance didn’t work out, and will always gravitate toward cash.

If possible, you should offer cash. This might not be a realistic idea for new investors with little expendable income, but if you can afford it, it’s usually a smart choice.

If you do choose to offer cash, make sure you get a proof of finances statement from your bank to show the seller that you do indeed have the money you say you do.

Offer Above The Asking Price

The reason that you have a lot of competition when buying a house might be because the house is listed at a very low price. If this is the case, than it might be a good idea to actually submit and offer well above the initial asking price.

This might seem counter intuitive at first. After all, you are trying to get the best bargain possible, right?

Well, in some cases, you can play coy and lowball all you want, but in the end you won’t end up with the property. If it is worth your money, you should offer an amount of money higher—sometimes as high as 20%-- above the asking price.

Just make sure that your offer is still below 70% of the ARV, or else you might lose money on this venture.

Say You Can Close Very Soon

In real estate, time is money. The seller is losing money the longer he holds onto his property and often wants to get it off his hands as soon as possible. This might be the reason that...

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