The Importance of Boiler Location

I could ramble on for a long time about house flipping tips relating to creating open space, as you may have already realized.

However creating open space is very important when it come to successfully flipping houses.

At this property, the original boiler/oil heater was located on the first floor in what is now the guest bedroom.  Having the heater on the first floor just did not make sense, so we made the decision to move the heating unit into the lower level.

By doing this we freed up a ton of space on that room on the first floor, which of course adds value to the property.

We installed a direct vent boiler on the lower level.  The unit is small yet very capable of efficiently heating the entire house.

The house will now feature three distinct heating zones - two zones on the first floor on one zone on the second.  This is very important in a house of this size, especially considering how cold the weather can get  in New England during the winter.

If we went with a larger unit we would have had to "stack" the unit somewhere in the lower level which would not have been ideal.

The home also had an old chimney that was not up to code.  I did the research and it would have cost us a lot of money to bring the chimney up to code and get it in working order.  Not worth the time, hassle and money in my opinion so we went ahead and took it down.

I'm excited about this new boiler setup because it will definitely save the new homeowner a lot of money on his heating bill.  The ability to control the heat in three distinct zones is very appealing to home buyers and is a big selling point.

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Mike LaCava

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