4 Challenges I’m Facing Right Now In My House Flipping Business

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Every new business faces growing pains. When I first began flipping houses for a living, I dealt with and overcame many unexpected challenges.

Today, I am actively flipping 2-3 houses per month, however I still face growing pains. This past week in particular has presented 4 distinct challenges that I am working to overcome.

In this post I will share with you the challenges I am facing in my business right now, because I know you will face similar challenges as you build your house flipping business.

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How Your Creativity Can Help You Make Money Flipping Houses

There are a number of strategies that you can use to make money flipping houses but they all require you to think outside the box.

make money flipping housesIn the real estate industry you will find real estate investors, consultants, short sale realtors, wholesalers and those who do rehabs and retail. All these are different avenues for making money in real estate and the list goes on and on.

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How To Make A Real Estate Offer That Gets Accepted At First Glance

The real estate market today is super competitive and making a real estate offer that sellers accept at first glance is not as easy.

If you are in the business of flipping houses, then you probably know by now that the best deals go very quickly. The only way you will be able to succeed in this business is by making a real estate offer that stands out from the crowd. The goal is to make an offer that will make a seller jump at it without hesitation.

For starters, each house has a story behind it and a reason why it’s on sale. Every seller is different so you cannot use a blanket approach. Cater your offers to suit specific situations. The more information you can collect about a dealer, the better. To make things a little easier for you, here are five ways that you can make a real estate offer that sticks. Remember that not all these five points will apply to your particular situation so it’s up to you to do some digging around and find what suits you.

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An Inside Look At My House Flip In Hanover, Massachusetts


For the past 1.5 years I have been sharing videos of my house flips as part of our Education packages. Today I would like to show you some of these videos, and in particular, provide you with an inside look at a house I successfully flipped in Hanover, Massachusetts.

This Massachusetts flip was unique because we found the deal through social media. The floor plan we chose was also quite creative and the way we managed contractors was new but worked. I'll explain the details below.

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Rules For House Flipping You Should Never Think Of Breaking

At one time or another, every real estate investor has broken at least one house flipping rule. Unfortunately, breaking any rules for house flipping has never made a deal go as smoothly as expected.

rules for house flipping

image courtesy of Stuart Miles From FreeStockPhotos.Net

There are tons of rules that can real estate investors break including using eraser math, not adhering to the 70% rule or being dishonest.

We advise that you do not break any rules but the 70% rule can be broken under special circumstances.

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Working With Wholesalers Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Most real estate investors know that working with wholesalers can be a great source of potential deals. Wholesalers have been known to be a great source of very lucrative deals.

working with wholesalersUnfortunately, working with wholesales is not a walk in the park. You have to work it if you want to find killer deals. As you work with wholesalers, you will soon realize that how you deal with one wholesaler isn’t necessarily the way you deal with another.

Types Of Wholesalers

  1. Career Wholesales

These are seasoned real estate wholesalers who have been wholesaling for a long time and are seasoned real estate investors. Their primary business is wholesaling real estate and sometimes they dabble in other deals.

It’s important that you build a solid relationship with career wholesalers because they could be an excellent source of deals for you. These types of wholesalers are well financed and usually take the best deals for themselves. The bad news is that these types of wholesales are a little challenging to work with.

  1. Ladder Climber Wholesalers

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How To Manage Your Contractor

If you have done any kind of real estate investing, you must have at one point considered using a contractor and as such, you probably know that trying to manage a contractor is not an easy task.

manage your contractorContractors are known to do things that are less than pleasant but the best way to flip real estate is to work with a contractor. So how exactly do you manage your contractor?

Unfortunately, contractors do not have a very good reputation. Most real estate investors consider them difficult to work with, irritable, pugnacious, irrational and volatile. The good thing is that they are very good at what they do and this is what makes them worth the trouble.

The Four Step Formula To Success And Profit With Your Contractor

There are a few things that can help you manage your contractor and make a profit.

  1. Setting A Defined Timeline

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