Ready for Sale | Final Update Onset, MA Property

As usual I am very excited about how the seaside Onset house flip turned out!

If you have not yet seen the post depicting how this property was before we flipped it, I highly recommend you check it out – just click here to give it a read.

This home underwent many changes.  Some changes were relatively simple and typical, while others were more challenging and complex.  As is the case with most of house flips, we had some unexpected happenings that proved to be challenges.  Those unexpected challenges really help keep me on my toes and overall do a good job of keeping this business exciting.

And of course, please remember that if I am capable of transforming a home like this one, then you are too.

House Flipping Massachusetts | Onset 1st Floor Walk Through

As soon as prospective buyers walk through the front door they are greeted with a fully remodeled living room full of natural light.  Here is what the living room looked like just a couple of months ago.

onset MA house flip

And here is the living room now.

Massachusetts house flipping

In the kitchen we once again chose an open floor plan which has proven to be extremely popular among home buyers.  We went with white kitchen cabinets and brush nickel hardware.  Dove tail draws with the soft close feature was a must for this kitchen.

We polished off the kitchen by installing granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

Here is the kitchen before we began work.

house flip kitchens

And here it is now.

flipping houses kitchens

We gave the first floor bathroom a “summer cottage” feel by installing special doors.  Since this property does have views of the ocean during the winter I felt this would be a nice touch.  Kudos to my contractor for coming up with the idea – thank you Billy from Bill Bachant Builders!

The first floor bathroom will also have space for a side by side washer and dryer.  Previously the washer and dryer were in the basement.  I’m sure the new homeowners will appreciate not having to go all the way downstairs just to do their laundry.

We also added a bedroom to the first floor, where there used to be just a small, rather odd space.  We even created space for a walk-in closet which is always a solid selling point.

Check out the below video for a full walk through of the first floor:

Onset MA House Flip | 2nd Floor Walk Through and Outdoor Improvements

The second floor required a fair amount of redesign and renovations.

We are able to keep the original staircase and hand rail, but we did decide to heighten the hallway ceiling to create some much needed space.  Same goes for the upstairs bathroom which is now clean and sleek with new fixtures, a new vanity, new toilet and a new stand up shower.

In the new master bedroom we knocked down a non-structure bearing wall to create one large space.  The framing in the entire house needed improvement, so we did the responsible thing and brought it all up to code.  With the new windows in the master there will even be a small ocean view during the fall, winter and early spring.

For more details on the second floor, be sure to check out the below video:

The outside of this home underwent some pretty dramatic changes.  Just take a peek at the front of the home back in June 2012.

house flip Mass

The trees in the photo had to be taken out, as well as a tree in the side of the yard.  The trees were challenging to take down, and we needed to call in some true tree professionals, but it was well worth the additional cost.

The backyard also underwent some serious cleanup, which allowed us to install a brand new deck.  Originally the deck was not part of the plan, but my contractor and I decided it was another move well worth the money.

All in all I’m content with how this house flip turned out.  The home is staged very nicely and I am sure we will have an interested buyer very soon.

As always I will keep you posted here at House Flipping School with developments as they arise.



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