The REAL Impact of House Flipping [Infographic]

house flipping surveyHouse flipping is helping us rebound from the depths of the recession.

Who would've thought?

Regardless of whether you are Democrat or Republican, one thing is for sure: flipping houses for profit not only helps the real estate investor, but it also helps thousands of people get better places to live and pumps much-needed capital back into the economy.

In fact, the impact of real estate investor and house flipper on the housing market in the past decade has been substantial. And house flipping and real estate investing have had an even larger  impact over the past few years, just when our country has needed it most.

The Tremendous Impact of House Flipping on Our Economy

Our good friends over at recently performed a survey to show exactly what the impact of house flipping and real estate investing has been over the past few years.

The Memphis Invest National Survey of Residential Real Estate Investors outlined a slew of important data points about investor intent and as a result has received a ton of national press coverage. This extensive survey, helps to illustrate the real power of the individual real estate investor and the house flipping professional.

Not only have real estate investors been spending billions of dollars annually on rehabilitating and renovating our neighborhoods, but they have pouring over $9.2 billion into private industry on rehabilitation and remodeling.

For the house flipping community, this is something to be proud of. And we here at House Flipping School are happy to be a part of it.

Check out the infographic below on the impact of real estate investing and house flipping pros and newbies like you and me:


The $9.2 Billion Impact of 28.1 Million Real Estate Investors

Infographic Courtesy of: AND Memphis Invest

house flipping

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