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Middleborough Part 2 | How To sell Using ARV

Ryan: Hey, everybody. I'm here with Mike. We're talking about his most recent house flip in Middleborough, Massachusetts. Mike, in this video, I want to talk about the most exciting part, the sale.

Mike: Yes.

Ryan: Walk us through how you sold this recent property in Middleborough.

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Onset Part 2 | ARV and how I used it

Ryan: Hi, I'm back with Mike. We're talking about the Onset, Massachusetts house flip, and let's dive into the ARV. You said it was somewhere around $206,000. I want to know every little detail about that number.

Mike: Yes, and let me be clear, Ryan. ARV is in my opinion, and probably some other experienced investors' opinions, the most critical number. Because, if you get ARV incorrect or substantially incorrect, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle to make any money on a property.

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