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Creativity Part 2 | The art of the deal

Hey, guys. It's Mike, with House Flipping School. Welcome to the House Flipping School whiteboard. If you notice, I got a smile on my face. I want to share with you the little smiley guy up there, as well. My film crew, Ralph behind the scenes and Ryan, well they have not even heard of this deal yet.

This is one I have not shared with too many people, so I hope you enjoy it. What I'm calling this one is 'the art of the deal', because quite honestly, I didn't even set out initially to put this deal together in this fashion. It all kind of unfolded like this, and I had that kind of 'aha' moment myself on this one.

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Creativity Part 1 | Contractors

Hey, guys. Welcome to the House Flipping School whiteboard. This week, I want to talk about being creative, because in real estate, there are many ways you can be creative to make a deal happen. I think it was Brandon Turner at BiggerPockets . . . BiggerPockets is a great site; you should make sure to go check it out some time.

Brandon wrote a blog post talking about 100 different ways to make a real estate deal, or to make money in real estate. There's probably many more than that. This week, I want to talk about one particular deal, a deal that I almost didn't do, but ended up doing because I got a little creative and I thought outside the box a little bit. You heard me talk about this a few times, about partnering up. There's many different ways to partner up, but in this particular deal that I'm going to talk about, it's about partnering up with a contractor.

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