Property Rehabbing Tips | 5 Things Many Flippers Forget

When flipping a property, don’t forget these important rehabbing tips.

Property Rehabbing Tips 5 Things Many Flippers ForgetSometimes, property rehabbing can be the most difficult part of the house flipping process. There are so many pieces to remember and so many variables that differ from house to house. Sometimes the rehab can start to take its toll, and you lose track of the whole purpose of rehabbing: making your house more attractive to potential buyers.

What you need to do is take a deep breath, step back, and look at the big picture. Spend a few minutes to read these cheap and easy pointers, so you can reduce your stress and optimize your profit. These rehabbing tips are often overlooked and can be incredibly valuable to know and use.

Rehabbing Tips: #1. Prevent Vandalism While You Rehab

The rehabbing of a property can often take multiple months to complete. This means that there are many nights where the home is left unoccupied and vulnerable to vandals.

Take a moment to imagine yourself as a vandal. Would you rather vandalize a property that has people living in it, or rather and abandoned one?

Most vandals know better than to vandalized an occupied house. Instead they will find a deserted house where they can spray paint, break windows and leave holes in walls without being bothered. Sometimes, they’ll even strip the copper piping and sell it for money.

Moreover, most insurance companies do not cover vandalism after the first month that a house is abandoned. Because of these reasons, you as a house flipper should always take the proper action to prevent your property from being destroyed.

Below Are A Few Tips To Prevent Vandalism:

-       Keep The Lights On 24/7

-       Change The Locks

-       Barricade Doors and Windows That Do Not Lock

-       Tell The Police That You Will Be Rehabbing The Property And Ask For Extra Patrol

-       Cover Windows With Drapes Or Sheets

Rehabbing Tips: #2. Light The House With Bright Lights

A common mistake many house flippers make is to inadequately light the interior. If you install the proper lighting, it will make the house livelier and show off its space. People do not want to live in a dreary, depressing house full of shadows and dullness.

When choosing the right lights, try to stay away from yellow bulbs. A bright white set of lights can really make a difference in establishing an upbeat mood.

This perhaps goes without saying, but always remember to change any flickering lights. A flickering light might make a potential buyer feel like he or she might get murdered, horror movie style, in this room rather than relax and read a book.

Above all, proper lighting is an inexpensive way to show off all of the expensive improvements and renovations that you’ve spent the last month or months making.

Rehabbing Tips: #3. Conform Your House

An easy way to make your house feel new is by...

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