Doing What I’ve Never Done: The Modular Home House Flip

A modular home house flip? Seriously? Yep, I tell people all the time to step out of their comfort zone...and I did it here.

"Do what you fear most and you control fear"

-Anthony Robbins

My acquisition manager Bill Roberts, who is a huge Tony Robbins fan reminded me of that quote a few weeks ago.

But I couldn't help but think how it applied to my most recent modular home house flip that we've been doing in Sagamore Beach.

Not that I had a "fear" of modular homes, I've just never actually built one or bought one before. So when I decided to do this deal with my contractor Bill Bachant a few months back, I really felt like I was back four years ago when I first started house flipping.

And I have to tell you, it was really awesome learning a brand new way to invest in real estate.

So if you're on the fence, trying to decide whether or not real estate investing is for you or if you're over 40 (yes, I am THAT old) then you have what we say around the office of House Flipping School:


How The Modular Home House Flip Came Together

It's funny, sometimes you just fall into things - good things that is - when things are going right for you. On the flipside, if you stub your toe out of bed i the morning and let your whole day spiral downward from there, bad things will continue to happen when things are going badly for you.

Wtih this modular home house flip, I really wasn't looking to even get into modular homes, it just so happened that way.

Let me explain...

A few months ago, I was on my way to the Bourne land auction with the singular goal in mind to buy a specific property I had my eye on for some time. I was not looking to build a modular home house flip by any stretch...the thought hadn't even occurred to me in the slightest.

But when I got there, I had no idea my contractor Billy was there bidding on the same piece of land!

Here we explain how it all came together in these videos here:


Here is how I decided to do a modular instead of a straight stick-built home:


And for this modular home house flip, here are the exact numbers were and why it made so much sense to go modular:


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