Learn To Flip Houses | 10 Items That Cost Less Than $20

If you want to Learn To Flip Houses, you need to make sure to make your money count.

Learn To Flip Houses  10 Items That Cost Less Than $20House flipping can be an extremely expensive proposition. The average kitchen remodel costs around $20,000 and granite countertops are typically $50 per square foot. Properties themselves can cost upwards of $200,000 dollars.

Because of this, house flipping might not appear to be for people that are trying to pinch pennies. However, sometimes a few dollars can go a long way. You can often substitute an expensive solution with a cheap one.

If you want to learn to flip houses, you should invest in these cost-efficient items that can really make a difference.

10 Cheap Items To Help Sell Your House | Learn To Flip Houses

Below are 10 essential items that can help you sell your property without killing your wallet. The combined total of all of the items on the list is only $106.

1. Bandit Signs - $1/Sign

When getting your name out, often times the most effective method is the use of bandit signs. You’ve probably seen bandit signs before around your town. They can be hung on telephone poles, street signs, lampposts, or even in a front yard.

The idea is communicate your message to other investors or sellers in the area. You might have a sign that says “We Buy All Properties – Any Condition”. Or if you’re selling, you could list the specific information of the property

However you decide to use them, make sure you find out the legalities of bandit sign use in the town you’re posting the signs in. Sometimes, the towns permit you (or simply don’t check) the use of bandit signs on weekends. Many house flippers will post the signs on Friday night and take them down on Sunday night.

2. Garden Hose - $15

A new driveway can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to pave. While a freshly paved driveway can really do wonders for the curb appeal, sometimes the cost is out of your budget.

If you want to evoke the same effect, you should always hose down the driveway before both taking the exterior photo for the house listing and hosting an open house

3. Mailbox Decal Numbers - $6/Number

At House Flipping School, we stress again and again the importance of buying a new mailbox, or painting an old one in a bright color. The mailbox is the first thing that the potential buyers will see when scoping out your property for the open house.

However, the mailbox is useless if the buyers can’t see the house number posts on it. A new mailbox decal is an extremely inexpensive way to make a big effect.

4. New House Numbers - $10/Number

Similarly, the metal or wooden house numbers secured to the front of the house are also very important. Not only will the potential buyers...

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