Knocking Down Walls and Expanding Bedrooms

Here we are on the second floor of one of my latest renovations located in Onset, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately I forgot to mention to cameraman Ryan that today's property was not in the best of condition.  You really had to watch your step as the top floor was loaded with dog poop and plenty of other "things" you would not want to step in.

Obviously not ideal terrain for Ryan's flip-flops!  From now on, wearing work boots when entering a new property will be one of my top house flipping tips.

The situation on the second floor of this property was rather dire.  Currently there are three bedrooms on the second floor.  To access the blue bedroom you must first pass through the red bedroom which is not ideal and must be changed.

After consulting with my contractor and architect we decided to knock down the wall that is currently separating the blue and red bedroom.  This is not a load bearing wall and I could probably knock it down with my own two hands if I wanted to.

Essentially what we will be accomplishing here is expanding the space.  Instead of two separate bedrooms we will soon have one large room which will serve as the new and improved master bedroom.

Best of all the new master bedroom will have seven windows which will allow plenty of natural light to shine through the space.  I anticipate the master bedroom becoming a focal selling point for this property.

Knocking down a non-load bearing wall is just one example of many "little things" you can do to substantially improve the value and appeal of a property.  The renovations on the second floor of this property will not cost much and if all goes well we should see a very nice return on our investment.

I hope you've found this quick house flipping tips post helpful.

Best of luck on your next renovation and be sure to stay tuned for more house flipping tips.

See you at the top!


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Fortunately the red wall pictured here is not bearing any load, so we will easily be able to remove it.


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