How to Build your House Flipping Team

Building your house flipping team is absolutely critical to long-term house flipping success.  Flipping a house is a coordinated orchestra of contractors, attorneys, real estate agents, investors and other key individuals.

Professional house flippers assemble a power team to help them flip houses efficiently, effectively and quickly.  Time is money, and quality matters in this business. House flippers “in the know” understand that their success depends on the quality and timeliness of their team members.

To build your high quality house flipping team, you will have to invest time and energy meeting and networking with key individuals. To build a truly exceptional team, you will have to master the skills of handling people effectively.

The rest of us may need some help with building our own house flipping team.

10 Steps to Building your House Flipping Team

If you’d like to learn how to build a team that will ensure house flipping success, then this tutorial can help.

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About the Author:  Mike LaCava is a passionate house flipper and founder of House Flipping School.