House Flipping Helper | The Secret To Utilizing Selling Points

Often when remodeling a home, you might be unsure as to where to allocate your budget. This House Flipping Helper will guide you on how to manage your selling points.

House Flipping Helper The Secret To Utilizing Selling PointsWhen a realtor is showing a property in an open house, one of the most important parts of his or her job is to highlight the selling points. This house flipping helper can teach you what exactly makes a good focal point and how you can use it to your advantage. By learning these key tips, you will be better equipped to manage your budget and create features that will help you flip your house at a higher price.

When you are remodeling and staging a property, it can often be tricky to decide what exactly you want to allocate your money toward. First and foremost you want to make the essential home repairs needed to sell the house. Maybe your property has a plumbing problem or a leaky septic tank. Maybe it needs a new roof, or new appliances in the kitchen, or perhaps a fresh coat of paint.

After you take care of these mandatory problems, however, you can move on to the next step. You can invest in aspects of the house that are really going to catch the attention of potential buyers: the selling points. By following the tips in this house flipping helper, you will be one step closer to become a bona fide flipper.

House Flipping Helper Tip #1: Highlight Pre-existing Features

Just because you want to create decent selling points for your house does not mean you have to run out and buy a new Jacuzzi. What you might not realize is that your property might already have a number of selling features hiding where you’d least expect them. Sometimes all you need to do is bring them into the forefront of the potential buyer’s view.

The Fireplace

Often times, beginners in the house flipping world overlook a great selling point, the fireplace. You should never block off the fireplace with any furniture. Instead, make it the focal point of the room by moving the couches and chairs into a conversational arrangement around it. If you have a television available during home staging, try mounting it just above the fireplace. At the very least, hang a painting over the mantle. Depending on time of year, you could even grab some logs and light the fireplace to really show it off.

Finished Basement

It is one thing to have the real estate agent simply tell the prospective buyers that the home has a finished basement. It is another thing completely to have the real estate agent show them. A finished basement is something that can cost a great deal of money, so if your property already has one, make sure you don’t hide it. The best way to show off your basement is to stage it with furniture and accessories. Show the buyers what they could do with the space, whether it be playing poker or watching the game.

House Flipping Helper Tip #2: Create Features Are Missing

If you have enough room in your budget, you might want to consider adding your own selling points to the house. If this seems like a daunting task to handle yourself, you could even hire an interior designer to help.

Show Off The View With A Window

As you most likely know, the price of a house is largely determined by where it is located. A beachside property will be more expensive than one beside a freeway. However what many people fail to realize in that the outside landscape can help sell the house from the inside.

If your property has something outside to look at, like a beach, a lake, or a breathtaking mountain range in the distance, you should show it off by installing windows—the bigger the better. Why stage your house with a painting of a sunset on the wall when you can replace it with a window that shows off the real sunset? You can even try to put a window in the bathroom for the same effect.

Granite Countertops

When house flipping, the kitchen is usually the most important room to the potential buyers. While new cabinets and appliances are certainly something to consider, a new granite countertop can be an even better selling point. Or, if you are selling a more expensive house, you might want to install something of even better quality, like marble.

Hardwood Floor

Sometimes, the answer to maximizing the value of your property is right under your nose—or under your feet to be more exact. Stripping the carpet and exposing a hardwood floor can bring a great classic look to your property. Moreover, hardwood floor isn’t simply a flavor of the week like the many styles of linoleum. Hardwood has stood the test of time and this is something that you can the real estate agent can tell the potential buyers.

If you don’t already have hardwood flooring under your carpet, consider having some installed. You might even consider laying it across the entire ground floor, to give the house a more fluid feel.

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