The Secret To Successful Real Estate Investing Is Networking

There’s no secret to successful real estate investing. Others will even tell you that for $50, 000, they can coach you how to become successful in this industry. Their fee is of course inclusive of the big “secret”.

successful real estate investingThe truth is, there is a secret to successful real estate investing and it is not worth $50, 000. Can you believe that the secret is networking?

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8 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Investing Business Is A Huge Failure

Is your real estate investing business growing at a snail’s pace? Maybe it’s because you are making some easily avoidable mistakes.

real estate investing businessWe all learn from our mistakes and in real estate, the more experience you have the more you learn and the less likely you are to make costly mistakes. Unfortunately, for some people it’s not that easy to survive in this industry because their real estate investing business is not growing as fast as they would like. If you are part of these people, then you could be making these 8 mistakes:

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Is Starting Your Own House Flipping Team The Perfect Shortcut To Success?

Is starting a house flipping team the easiest way to house  flipping success?

house flipping teamHow many times have you ever heard yourself say, “House flipping is hard”, or “Taking on house flipping is a huge RISK” or “the economy is tight so banks won’t lend me money”?

While house flipping is not the easiest thing to do in real estate, it isn’t really the hardest thing either.

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What Are The Real Estate Investing Success Tips For Beginners?

What are the tips for real estate investing success? They are much more useful than you think.

real estate investing successSuccess: a word that means achieving different goals to different people. To me, success is more than investing successfully in real estate; it is just plain happiness.

There’s been a lot of talk about real estate investing success and the steps everyone should take to ensure they reach their goals. What real estate gurus hardly ever talk about is the mindset you should have when reaching for your real estate goals.

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How To Flip Houses With No Money or Credit

How to flip houses with no money or credit? Learn here how to do it.

How To Flip Houses With No Money or CreditIt may seem like an almost impossible task to flip houses with very little cash. It is much easier to flip houses when you have at least a few bucks in your bank account but this does not mean that you cannot do it without the money.

It is quite simple to flip houses considering all you need is a little wit, willingness to think out of the box and an idea of where to look and start.

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Do This Now If You Want To Be A Successful House Flipper

house flipper success

If you reside in the New England area, then be sure to check out our next House Flipping School MeetUp on December 19th. This networking event will be a phenomenal opportunity for realtors, contractors and virtually anyone who is interested in the house flipping business.

As always our goal for this next MeetUp will be to connect you with the right people-perhaps even your future house flip power team members. I can speak from experience that establishing relationships with key people in this business can be difficult when just starting out.

House Flipping School MeetUps are my way of helping you overcome this hurdle.

Yet one thing is for sure. Most folks reading this post right now will not come to the MeetUp, even if it was being held right down the street from their house. The truth is that very few people are able to overcome their fears and actually take action in this industry.

Without a doubt, overcoming fear and taking action is the first and most crucial step to house flipping success.

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How to Wholesale Real Estate In 12 Simple Steps

Ever wanted to know how to wholesale real estate? We give you 12 steps to real estate wholesaling success here.

How to Wholesale Real EstateFor many people who want to get started flipping houses, real estate wholesaling is a great first step to get started - especially if money is tight.

Although there are many ways to flip real estate with no money of your own, there's lots of people who want to get started investing in real estate quickly, without having to raise an capital on their own.

This is where real estate wholesaling may be a really good fit for many people interested in getting into real estate investing.

The definition of real estate wholesaling is simply "the entering of a contractual agreement with another party for the purpose of purchasing property, and then assigning your interest in that contract to another investor for compensation".

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4 Tips for Flipping a House Without the Headaches

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series this past week, but instead of going to the celebration parade I went to a house flip I just finished up in Hanover, Massachusetts. I wanted to film some new videos for House Flipping School members because, to be completely honest, this particular house flip proved to be quite the challenge for my team and I.

Even with my time-tested and proven step-by-step house flipping system, some house flips still veer off track at times. Folks, in this business we are working and relying upon real humans to get their job done on time, and stay true to their word. This is true for contractors, real estate agents, interior decorators and anyone else who is involved in the project.

Sometimes us humans make mistakes, and things don't go as we planned. So even with a step-by-step house flipping system on my side, it is still important that I remain flexible and willing to adjust on the fly. You just have to take the good with the bad, and keep your attitude in check at all times.

So with all of this in mind, here are 4 tips for flipping a house without the headaches, that I learned as a direct result of my latest flip in Hanover, MA.

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