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Creating Killer Water Views in the Bathroom

House Flipping Tips

We recently finished up a water front renovation that is chock full of helpful house flipping tips you can start using today.

When it comes to flipping houses the kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important spaces in the entire home.  It is really important to create dynamic and appealing kitchen and bathroom spaces.  Therefore we usually end up gutting both the kitchen and the bathroom on most properties.

In the bathroom we typically do not install windows.  Bathroom windows generally require a fair amount of maintenance work to avoid mold and wood rot.  However in this bathroom we decided to install a window to capitalize on the water views.

Installing windows in strategic spots in order to provide the future home buyer with a view of the water is definitely a house flipping tip that I highly recommend.

I was thinking that giving the future home owner a water view while showering would be a really unique and attractive selling point.

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