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To Work Or Not To Work With Wholesalers In House Flips

Many people have had terrible experiences with wholesalers in house flips but are they all the same?

I have to confess that in the many years I have been flipping houses, I have purchased properties from wholesalers. Some of my best deals were sourced from wholesalers. Up to date I still use wholesalers.

When I first started out, I had a hard time differentiating between the good wholesalers and the bad ones. I made my fair share of mistakes and I believed that a majority of the wholesalers were honest people. I wasn’t naïve; I just gave people the benefit of the doubt.

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How To Flip Houses Getting Dirty

I loved playing in the dirt when I was a kid. My mom would swing open the door and I would rush out straight to the sandbox. Since I loved playing in the dirt so much, my favorite cartoon character had to be “Pig-pen” from peanuts.

I still love getting dirty today but I love getting dirty when flipping houses. Getting dirty while making money is much more fun.

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Lessons I Learned From My Failed House Flip Deal

My kids love showing me “Epic Fail” videos on YouTube. They are the most viewed videos on YouTube simply because people love seeing other people failing at something they are doing.

The videos range from wardrobe malfunctions to the Brazilian soccer goalie that kicks the ball in the opposite direction. These “Epic Fail” videos are even more popular maybe because people watch and say “thank goodness that wasn’t me”.

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2 House Flipping Rules You Should Never Break

I received an email from someone who wanted to know how to overcome the fear of flipping houses. He wanted to know which house flipping rules you should never break.

I was tempted to refer him to the three secret steps to real estate investing success but I decided to give him the block and tackle stuff.

I still get questions such as Hey Mike, can I break the rules this one time? My usual answer is NO.

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Do You Know The Secrets Of Real Estate Investing?

In this post I will share with you three secrets of real estate investing that you probably did not know about.

secrets of real estate investingIt all started a few years back when a movie called “The Secret” came out. Everyone was talking about it including Oprah. I poked fun at the movie because I thought it was a load of hogwash and had all this touchy-feely stuff from a crazy Aussie woman named Rhonda Byrne.

But then my wife decided to get me an audio book for the movie. Since I didn’t want her to keep bugging me about it, one day I decided to listen to it while working as a flooring installer.

It was a time when I was still deciding which direction my career should take. Working as a floor installer was lucrative but I wanted to pursue real estate investing because that’s where my passion was.

Listening to the audio helped me pursue my passion and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Mind Control Is Very Important

When coaching new students, the first thing I tell them is to use their minds to attract the things they want most in life. To achieve any sort of success in real life, you have to possess mind control.

Newbies in the house flipping business have no idea how important mind control is. When you ask any successful real estate investor if they knew how they were going to succeed,

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