A Deal on the Brink | my latest flip in Hanover, Massachusetts Extended Article

The call went a little something like this:

“Listen, don’t worry about all the stuff – just knock $10,000 off the price of the house, we’ll clean up all of the stuff on our own”

Then there was a long pause before the investor on the other end of the line responded with:

“OK, let me see what I can do”

15 minutes later he called back, agreed to the proposal and I closed on the deal just days later.

The day after the closing, we had a team of high school kids from my marketing specialist John Fossetti's football team in there hauling out two dumpsters full of junk. We filled up two entire dumpsters and $1200 later (including labor), we had a clean house.

An immediate $8,800 profit for us…

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House Flipping Update August 11-17

house flipping update

I chose a good week to turn off my cell phone and sit by the pool with my family. The past 7 days here in New England have been gorgeous - especially contrasted to last week when I was driving for deals in the rain. It was a good opportunity for me to "tune out" and let my house flipping team run the show.

Taking a step away can be difficult when you run your own business. Email, text messages and voicemails can be pretty challenging to escape. Even when I do turn the cell phone off, I often feel an urge to turn it back on, just to check for any new messages one last time. This is especially true now that my team and I are on the verge of flipping 3 houses per month.

Despite spending my week at home on a "stay-cation" my business kept on trucking along. We have multiple deals underway right now which I am really excited about. In this post I want to update you on one house in particular that we sold this past week, and another house that is mid-way through renovations.

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Driving for Deals from Absentee Owners

how to find house flip deals from absentee owners

The rain was coming down hard as I set off from my office, on a mid-morning mission to find my latest house flip deal. Up here in New England, a mid-August northeast wind makes it feel more like October than summer. I was sopping wet before I even made it to my truck.

Yet our market here has been hot, at least for my house flipping team and I. I still get excited knowing that our next big deal could be just one street or one turn away. There are money making gems in many neighborhoods here in the United States. The challenge of course, is finding them.

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