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Designing an Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan Flipping Houses Tips

Flipping Houses Tips You Can Use Today

Successfully flipping houses in today's market requires ingenuity and creativity.  One of my favorite designs is the open floor plan.

We have been going with open floor plans in our houses basically whenever possible.  I'm finding that people these days really enjoy having the extra space gained through an open floor plan design - as opposed to having a labyrinth of halls and rooms scattered throughout their home.

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How to Get Started Flipping Houses | Building Your Team

how to get started flipping housesMany house flippers get into house flipping thinking that it’s solitary process, just you against the world, making money hand over fist.


Even Vanilla Ice is getting into house flipping and he advocates the value of building a solid house flip team as well. Who would have thought?


When people ask me how to get started flipping houses, one of the first things I tell them that flipping houses is a TEAM sport, not a solitary one.


The house flipping team you assemble is one of the most important steps when you get started flipping houses. In fact, second to [click to continue…]

Boosting the Value of a Kitchen

Flipping Properties | Creative Kitchen House Flipping Tips

Creating an awesome kitchen space is one of the most important aspects of flipping properties.  People love attractive kitchens so why not give them one?

We boosted the value of this kitchen by first installing quality cabinetry.  We chose stained maple cabinets because it is a very "in" type of cabinetry.  To get stained maple we had to spend a little more than if we went with oak (about $1,000 more), however the extra expense is 100% worth it.

We also installed a full overlay door so you can't see the trim on any of the cabinets.  All the draws have a soft close feature that prevents slamming.  The draws also feature dovetail construction instead of the cheaper stapling method.

When showing the home to a potential buyer it is important to point out all of these custom features.

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Creating Killer Water Views in the Bathroom

House Flipping Tips

We recently finished up a water front renovation that is chock full of helpful house flipping tips you can start using today.

When it comes to flipping houses the kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important spaces in the entire home.  It is really important to create dynamic and appealing kitchen and bathroom spaces.  Therefore we usually end up gutting both the kitchen and the bathroom on most properties.

In the bathroom we typically do not install windows.  Bathroom windows generally require a fair amount of maintenance work to avoid mold and wood rot.  However in this bathroom we decided to install a window to capitalize on the water views.

Installing windows in strategic spots in order to provide the future home buyer with a view of the water is definitely a house flipping tip that I highly recommend.

I was thinking that giving the future home owner a water view while showering would be a really unique and attractive selling point.

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Flipping Houses 101: How to Start

flipping houses 101In order to learn how to get started flipping houses for a generous pay day, you need to keep some basic flipping houses 101 lessons in mind. As is the same with any business, the key to success is knowing and perfecting the basics, which is what we review today.


Flipping Houses 101 Rule #1: Research


If there's one thing that is critical to your success in flipping houses, it’s doing exhaustive research on the geographic areas prior to implementing your house flipping plan. If you buy a property in a run-down area with little historical price appreciation, then your target buyer is going to most likely offer below market price.


Market research is the most important aspect of flipping houses 101.


This can leave you with an extremely tight budget, especially if it's a "fixer-upper" property, where you [click to continue…]