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Do These 7 Things To Sell Property Fast

sell property fast

One of the most satisfying parts of being a house flipper is getting your offer accepted. So how do you sell property fast without sacrificing quality?

Believe it or not, the easiest part of house flipping is selling. If you stick to all the house flipping rules and properly use the expertise of your house flipping team, you will find that this claim is actually true.

Below I have 7 tips that can help you sell property fast. As a matter of fact, you will find that selling a house is the simplest part of the house flipping process.

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7 Unbelievable Ways You Can Find House Flips With Real Estate Agents

real estate agents

The most common way of finding houses to flip is through non-MLS listings but real estate agents can also be a valuable resource.

Most of the house flips that I have done especially in markets I am not familiar with have been through real estate agents. A good real estate agent who knows their market can help you snag a really good deal but first, you have to know how to work with them.

How To Work With Real Estate Agents

  1. REO Agents And Short Sale Agents

Real estate agents who have direct links with asset managers from banks and they are REO brokers, they will know before anybody else when deals become available.

Therefore, if a property for an investor is listed at $100, 000 but it’s listed at $150, 000, a good broker will comprehend this. If this is the case, there’s no need to put in your offer because the bank won’t accept anything that’s pricier than what they are willing to sell it for.

Make it a priority to meet with these kinds of real estate agents and create a professional relationship with them.

  1. Real Estate Agents Can Get Deals Outside Of MLS

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7 Simple Ways To Prevent Real Estate Deal Flows From Drying Up

real estate deal flows

At one point or another, in the house flipping business, you might find that your real estate deal flows are drying up.

You might begin to wonder how other real estate dealers have a constant real estate deal flow while yours has dried up or is beginning to dry up. The answer? They are obviously doing something that you are not. Most house flippers fall into a comfort zone when they begin raking in profits and business seems to be looking up.

I have been guilty of this and I realized soon enough that what I used to do a year ago, just isn’t working any more. I changed my approach and things began to look up for me. I have a list of 7 types of motivated sellers that can help you acquire property on a constant basis.

How To Ensure Your Real Estate Deal Flow Does Not Dry Up

1. The Old Property Owner

This type of property owner is not desirable to deal with which is probably why they do not appeal to many home buyers. It’s therefore your job to make them feel as if you are the only one who can purchase their home. If the property does not have significant structural damage then it might be good for a house flip but if it has extensive structural damage, make sure you get it at a serious discount.

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5 Little Known Ways To Successful Real Estate Investing Success

successful real estate investing

Some people think that success is a smooth road to riches. But if you ask any real estate investor, they will tell you that t involves a lot of hard work and plenty of tough decisions to be made.

Successful real estate investing is not just a step by step formula that you can use to get rich; it’s a mosaic of thousands of decisions that you organize and execute to achieve your goals.

If you break down the steps to successful real estate investing, it might seem like some of them don’t contribute in any way to making money. However, these steps that do not seem to bring back monetary returns are more far-reaching than you would like to think.

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Exit Strategies | FREE DOWNLOAD


Exit strategies free downloadable pdf

A lot of people who are new to real estate are fearful of losing money. In house flipping there can be a lot of money on the line and I can understand why people feel the fear.

I myself felt fearful at times early on in my house flipping career.

Today this thought motivated me to share with you a free downloadable PDF specifically about exit strategies. I chose to share these exit strategies with you because having an exit strategy in place can help alleviate the fear and anxiety felt by newbie investors.

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